There is no need to explain how important nutrition is for our health. Often what gets to us in the body with food is just poison.

I’m talking about all sorts of harmful additives contained in industrially processed foods. In principle, our body is a solid thing. He is able to independently get rid of many harmful substances that get into him with food, water, air. But, when these harmful substances are too much, the body cannot cope.

The first thing that should be done by everyone who cares about their health is to stop using the most harmful foods containing harmful additives. Or at least reduce the use of such products to a minimum.

The problem is that today it is practically impossible to buy really environmentally friendly products that do not contain any harmful additives. The most popular foods often harm our health.

But some foods contain a particularly large amount of harmful additives. Below is a list of the ten most popular harmful foods.

The most harmful foods:

  • Chewing gum, sweets
  • Ham, sausages, salami, ground meat
  • Smoked meat and fish, smoked and semi-smoked sausages
  • Yogurts
  • Chips and French Fries
  • Ice-cream
  • Soft Drinks
  • Sauces, salad dressings, ketchup, mayonnaise
  • Crackers
  • Chocolate

1. Chewing gum, sweets

sweets candies These products can hardly even be called food products because they consist mainly of food additives: sweeteners, stabilizers, thickeners and gelling agents, emulsifiers, antioxidants (antioxidants) and food colors. Chewing gum almost entirely consists of food additives. Sweets, depending on the type, contain slightly fewer food additives. Chewing gum and sweets are very popular, especially among children, and certainly, deserve to be listed as the most harmful food. Possible problems: These foods can cause indigestion, dehydration, kidney and liver diseases, stone kidney disease, gastrointestinal disorders, allergic manifestations, skin diseases, increased cholesterol levels in the blood, development of dementia.

2. Ham, sausages, salami, ground meat

These are some of the most harmful meat products, they contain the following harmful additives (or some of them – depending on the specific product): food preservatives, stabilizers, thickeners, emulsifiers, antioxidants, food colors, flavorings.

In addition, ham, sausages, salami, ground meat contain up to 80% of transgenic soya, which is a very dangerous product.

About the “main” ingredient of sausage – meat – and its quality should be discussed separately, in this article, we will not talk about this.

Possible problems: Cancer, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, impaired vision, nausea, diarrhea, headaches, allergies. Antioxidants kill useful microflora, resulting in diseases and digestive disorders.

Food colors and stabilizers provoke the emergence and development of malignant tumors.

3. Smoked meat and fish, smoked and semi-smoked sausages


These food products are more harmful than cooked meat products. They can be called without exaggeration the most harmful meat products.

Contain preservatives, stabilizers, thickeners, emulsifiers, antioxidants, food colors, flavors.

Possible problems: For these foods, everything that is said about cooked meat products is relevant.

In addition, the use of smoked and semi-smoked sausages harms the pancreas, increases the level of cholesterol in the blood and leads to a load on the cardiovascular system.

4. Yogurt

Thanks to advertising, we are accustomed to considering yogurt as almost the most useful dairy food.

Nevertheless, they are on the list of the ten most harmful products, thanks to the content of stabilizers, thickeners, antioxidants, and flavors in them.

Possible problems: Cancer (citric acid, contained in yogurts, in large doses, has a carcinogenic effect), allergies, pancreatic diseases.

5. Chips and French Fries

french fries

They deservedly received the image of some of the most harmful food products. These products contain stabilizers and flavors (flavor enhancers). French Fries in fast-food restaurants are fried in many times used oil, which leads to the formation of carcinogens.

Also, the technology of making chips leads to the formation of carcinogenic synthetic fats and other carcinogens. The presence of a large number of carcinogens makes these foods especially harmful.

Possible problems: Cancer (due to the dangerous amount of carcinogens), “Chinese restaurant syndrome” (a headache, face redness, sweating, feeling of heaviness, etc.), other diseases are possible (the exact harm of some of the food additives contained in the chips is not determined).

6. Ice cream


Ice cream may not contain food additives. But many types of ice cream contain the following harmful additives: food colors, stabilizers, thickeners, emulsifiers, flavors. Ice cream with these additives is deserved included in our list of the 10 most harmful foods.

Possible problems: Cancer, liver and kidney disease, upset stomach, slowed metabolism in the body, vision problems, migraine, itching, anxiety, sleep disturbances.

7. Soft Drinks

The most dangerous are non-alcoholic beverages (Coca-Cola, Sprite, Pepsi, etc.), energy drinks. Like chewing gums, they are difficult to even call food products. Non-carbonated, usually contain a slightly smaller set of harmful food additives.

An additional danger of beverages is that harmful substances when ingested with liquid are absorbed faster and easier than when ingested with solid food. Here are the most dangerous additives that can be found in various drinks: various synthetic sugar substitutes, food preservatives, emulsifiers, flavorings.

Possible problems: Cancer, liver cirrhosis, degenerative diseases, worsening of the heart, allergic manifestations, etc. Abuse of energy drinks leads to depletion of the nervous system.

8. Sauces, salad dressings, ketchup, mayonnaise


The composition of many sauces includes food preservatives, stabilizers, thickeners, emulsifiers, food colorings, flavors, etc.

Sauces, not being an independent food, can turn any useful food into the most harmful.

Possible problems: Depending on the composition, all diseases listed in other categories can be caused.

9. Crackers

This rather popular food product is also included in our list of the most harmful foods with E addictive.

The composition of crackers usually includes various flavors and food colors. Other harmful nutritional supplements may also be included.

Possible problems: Visual impairment, violation of blood pressure, indigestion, allergic reactions.

10. Chocolate

To find chocolate without harmful additives, you need to try very hard. It usually includes fragrances, stabilizers, thickeners, emulsifiers, preservatives.

Possible problems: Cancer, allergic reactions and much more.

Why do we love the most harmful foods and it is so difficult for us to refuse them?

Some of the harmful nutritional supplements found in popular foods are addictive.

Especially this applies to sodium glutamate (E621), the most popular taste enhancer, which is present literally everywhere – in fast food products, chips, sausages, meat, semi-finished products, sauces, instant soups, etc.

This food supplement is a toxin that excites the nervous system. It can cause serious negative consequences (especially for the child’s body): damage to the eyes and brain, allergic reactions. Moreover, there may not be indicated on the package that this product contains sodium glutamate.

If the product packaging says “spices” without specifying specific names, almost certainly among these spices is also sodium glutamate.

Addiction also causes such a harmful substitute for sugar, aspartame (E951).

While all studies funded by industry have concluded that aspartame is safe, almost all independently funded studies have concluded that aspartame can cause a number of dangerous diseases, from Alzheimer’s (as a result of nerve cell destruction) to male infertility.

Considered in this article the 10 most harmful foods, are among the most popular. Regularly using these products causes dependence on harmful food additives contained in them.

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