If you’re a woman and you have a man who seems fatigue and is tired all the time, who’s not getting his honey-do list accomplished, who is laying around on the couch or in the recliner too much – he may be suffering from low Testosterone level.

It’s your job as a woman to figure out a way to diplomatically and lovingly share this information with him so that he could benefit from optimizing his testosterone or vitamin T and you might benefit from it as well.

So if you know a guy like that figure out a way to share this information with him without hurting his feelings.

Now, let’s talk about the 7 natural ways that you can optimize your testosterone level without having to go to the doctor for it.

Eat more fats

Tip number one and the most important, where you spent most of your time and most of your money is eating enough fat.

The molecule of testosterone comes from a molecule, you may have heard of that before, called cholesterol. And it is a backbone of all the sex hormone molecules.

Without cholesterol, you can’t make testosterone. So stop being afraid of fat. You have to eat good fats in order to optimize your testosterone. When you eat enough fat, you’re going to produce cholesterol.

Your body does make cholesterol every day, that’s absolutely true. But it will be just fine if you can help it along by eating a little extra good fat. We now know that the cholesterol theory of heart disease is done. It’s over. Its Heyday is over. We all know it’s not true so now when you’re not afraid of cholesterol anymore you can eat enough fat so that you can actually bump up your testosterone level a little with tip number one.

Learn more about food rich in good fat HERE

We also recommend taking Omega 3 Fatty Acids Fish Oil. These are all extremely important factors in maximizing your testosterone levels.

Get rid of sugar and carbohydrates

Tip number 2 is you need to greatly reduce the amount of sugar, starch and simple carbohydrates that you eat.

When you eat sugar, starches, or simple carbohydrates they elevate your insulin level, it generally shoots up. And when your insulin level is up, that’s going to decrease your testosterone level. So sitting around and eating Skittles or M&M’s, or gummy bears will lower your testosterone.

Decrease the stress in your life

And we don’t mean good stress. If you’re an entrepreneur and you have a business and you’re trying to make it successful that’s a good stress. But you need to find ways to manage that stress so it does not become chronic bad stress. You got to decrease the bad stress in your life. So if you’re working two jobs both of which you hate, if you’re working a shift job you hate, you’ve got to get rid of these things in your life that causes chronic stress when you feel like you can’t really do anything about. That’s will raise your cortisol (the hormone of stress) level and that’s going to lower your testosterone level and it’s also going to make testosterone harder to fit in the receptor. So you don’t want your cortisol to be elevated at all if you can avoid it.

The next tip is high-intensity interval training 

You need to emulate your caveman grandparents from 10 000, 20 000, 30 000 years ago. You want to lift heavy weight, you want to run as fast as you can and don’t have to join the gym to do thi. You can literally get up off the couch and go outside in your running shoes and do high-intensity interval training.

And that’s going to do two things for you:

It’s gonna raise your testosterone level and it’s also going to elevate your HGH or human growth hormone level. You might have heard of that before and it sounds like it’s something you want and you’re right. There are guys who pay $1,000 a month for HGH injections. But you can raise it naturally just by going outside and breaking a sweat. It can be for free.

You can go outside and do 100 jumping jacks or run 44-45 yard sprints or you can go and lift some heavy weight, just be careful with your mechanic so you don’t hurt your back. But you’ve got to lift heavy and run fast. That’s going to naturally raise your testosterone level for free.

Now tip number 5 is some supplements you want to know about

The first one is zinc. Zinc is very important for us and we need somewhere between 25 and 50 mg a day. You can definitely get it from the food you eat if you strategically eat certain foods or you can just take a supplement. And what that does it helps to push anything that bleeds over to the estrogen pathway back into the testosterone pathway.

The next is magnesium. There are several studies that show that enough magnesium will raise your testosterone level a little bit.

And then the third one is vitamin D. Go out in the sun and get some vitamin D and if you can’t get sun then take a good quality vitamin D supplement. Vitamin D is actually a prohormone or a prehormone. It helps all of your sex hormones and your other hormones to form. So it actually going to increase your testosterone level if your vitamin D level is optimized.

The next is tip number 6 – intermittent fasting

A lot of studies have shown that when you intermittent fast for 18-20 hours a day you actually increase both your testosterone and your HGH. So your human growth hormone and your testosterone level both go up when you fast. There’s a reason that the 18-hours fast or the 20-hour fast every day is called The Warrior Diet because it helps make you be a better Warrior by raising your testosterone and your HGH.

Number 7 is losing weight

If you’re overweight at all the adipose tissue on your body and especially adipose tissue inside your belly this will lower your testosterone level. Also, the adipose tissue inside your belly acts like estrogen basically.

Excess of estrogens in the male body leads to:

  • Inhibition of testosterone production

  • The deposition of fat

  • Depression and stress

  • Decreased libido

  • Violation of the sexual function

Bonus tip: Get xenoestrogens out of your life

You’ve got to get the xenoestrogens out of your life.

You will ask: what the heck is a xenoestrogen? Basically, you don’t ever want to drink or eat anything that is in plastic if it’s hot.

So if you left your water bottle in the truck and it’s a hundred and twenty degrees in there don’t drink that water. That water will have estrogen-mimicking plastics in it.

Don’t heat up your coffee in styrofoam or plastic cup, don’t put your soup in a plastic bowl and put it in the microwave. Men need to eat and drink out of glass or stainless steel or ceramic or something like that.

Never eat or drink anything hot or even warm out of plastic because it acts like an estrogen in your body and high estrogen has the exact same effect as low testosterone.

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