Not to Miss: How to Protect Your Skin from Big Troubles

In our modern world, many people irrespective of gender and age try to do their best to make skin more beautiful, healthy and fresh. They spend a lot of money on expensive cosmetic brands and don’t pay attention to cheap ingredients which are available for everyone and for a very small amount of money.

Natural ingredients, such as oil, fruit, can improve the condition of your skin and can be much more effective than expensive remedies from lux cosmetic brands.

At the same time, we must be very careful using natural ingredients as they can cause lots of problems if they were used improperly.

This article can be helpful to learn all about the correct use of natural remedies for our skin.

Incorrect, ignorant usage and combination of natural ingredients can lead to serious troubles with your skin (such as allergic reaction, dryness, etc).

Baking Soda


Some people try to use baking soda as a scrub. This is very dangerous and absolutely wrong as it makes impossible to keep moisture and natural pH balance on your skin. In spite of rough consistency appropriate for all scrubs baking soda can`t be used for skin, it can seriously hurt it.



Lemon is rich with Vitamin C and also can help in skin lightening and removing acne marks, etc. But lemon juice is extremely sour and it can irritate your skin after applying it. Don`t forget to dilute lemon juice with some water before you put it on your face.

Hair Spray


It is said hairspray is a good solution to make your makeup stay longer, but applying it to your face is a very bad idea. It can lead to early aging and overdrying of your skin. Hairspray contains alcohol and dangerous repellents which can easily make your face red and irritated. 



Some people consider it to be good for pimple treatment but never use it on your face, only on pimples. Toothpaste used improperly can make your skin dry, tight and lead to dehydration. It can cause the emergence of acne marks.



You should remember the skin on your face is very sensitive and it is easy to hurt it. For this reason, don`t use sugar for delicate skin especially face skin. Despite it can be a good exfoliator for your lips and body, it can lead to early aging when used improperly.


Makeup Applying. Beautiful Woman Looking at Her Face in the Miror Doing Daily Morning Makeup

Alcohol can be used to sanitize scratches and wounds. It is not recommended for applying to acne and pimples.

Body Lotion


The skin on your face is much more sensitive and vulnerable than for example skin on your arms and legs. Ingredients for body lotion and face lotion differs a lot. Don`t use body lotion for your skin. It is not appropriate for it, especially if it contains any perfume.

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