Want to make sure you’re getting the most out of ketosis to feel better, burn fat and lose fat?

Here are 3 tips that you can use while you’re on the ketogenic diet to make sure you’re always in ketosis.

Keto diet tips for weight loss

The ketogenic diet is the hottest diet of 2018 because it helps you quickly lose stubborn fat… it reduces fat storing inflammation… it helps you live longer and avoid today’s most deadly diseases.

However, many people make mistakes that kick them completely out of ketosis.

Here are 3 keto tips for fast weight loss that you can use while you’re on the ketogenic diet to make sure you’re always in ketosis.


Using MCT oil is perhaps the most important thing one can do to get into ketosis and maintain it.

A diet that consists of long chain fatty acids depends upon 80–90% of calories coming from fat. Adding in lots of MCT oil brings this down to 60–70% fats.

This is because MCTs are immediately metabolized into ketone bodies and used for energy quickly in the body.

EDITORS NOTE: You probably know that you SHOULD be using coconut oil daily for it’s many health benefits (burn fat, boost metabolism, protect your brain, stabilize blood sugar…and that’s just a few!) but you probably don’t have any real idea how to add it to your diet in a delicious way.

Many people believe that coconut oil is the same as MCT oil; however, MCT oil is made from coconut oil, it contains 100% pure medium chain triglycerides (capric and caprylic acids).

Coconut oil contains about 35% long chain triglyceride (LCT) and 50% lauric acid, which means that coconut oil is only 15% MCT and only 1/6th as ketogenic as pure MCT oil.

More simply, MCT’s can be metabolized quickly into ketone bodies, which means that the body metabolizes the MCTS’s quickly because it recognizes them as more of carb than a fat.

MCT’s have also shown to enhance thermogenesis in the body, thereby promoting fat burning.

MCT’s also have fewer calories, which will essentially allow you to consume more proteins and carbs, making ketosis easier to maintain.

Consume Enough Salt

On a glucose-based diet, glycogen is produced in the liver, which is water-soluble and transported around the body in your blood.

The bloodstream distributes energy to all the cells and muscles that need it.

Glycogen is also stored in the muscles, so the blood-motorway tops-up these stores when required.

Glycogen is transported in liquid and is water-soluble — glycogen itself contains a lot of water. It’s stored in liquid form — three to four parts water to one part glycogen.

When you restrict carbohydrate, you stop consuming glucose, which is from what glycogen is made.

Your stores of glycogen, therefore, deplete as your body burns energy, and because glycogen carries 3–4 parts water; your body loses a lot of liquid as well.

So in entering a state of ketosis, your body is excreting water and salt through the depletion of glycogen.

High salt-levels trigger the thirst mechanism, but if salt-levels are going down (as is water), it naturally follows that the thirst mechanism is not sufficiently triggered to cover this water-loss.

Conversely, when you cut carbs your insulin-levels decrease, which then tells your kidneys to release salt.

It is crucial to replenish it by eating good unprocessed Sea Salt or Himalayan salt. We also recommend taking the Keto Salts additionally in the form of food additives.

Ketone salts are formed when the ketones are bound to a salt, typically sodium or calcium, potassium, or magnesium, to improve absorption rate. Sometimes ketone salts are referred to as “BHB Mineral Salts” or “Ketone Mineral Salts.”

Watch Protein Consumption

Too much protein is bad for ketosis because our bodies have an energy process called gluconeogenesis

The body’s preferred source of fuel is glucose, which it gets first from carbohydrates on a standard diet.

However, if enough carbs aren’t present, which is the case when you’re eating low-carb or ketogenic, the body will have to turn to other sources of energy.

The purpose of the keto diet is to have the body break down fatty acids, which then produces ketones for energy — the process known as ketosis.

However, there’s another way the body can create carbohydrate-style energy in the body — by breaking down amino acids from the protein in your muscles.

Gluconeogenesis is how your body turns protein into glycogen that can be used as glucose to burn for fuel.

Even if you’re eating plenty of fat, if you also eat too much protein, your body can facilitate GNG instead of burning fat for energy.

This means that you could spend your whole time thinking you’re eating keto while not actually being in ketosis.

There you have it.

3 simple tips to making sure that you get the most out of ketosis that you can wrap your head around the science and not just jump on the bandwagon with everyone else telling you to eat a bunch of meat and cheese and get on with your day.

There are some science, tips, and tricks behind it all and if you harness those you can truly capture all the benefits there are to get into ketosis.


The ketogenic diet is the hottest diet of 2018 because it helps you quickly lose stubborn fat… it reduces fat storing inflammation… it helps you live longer and avoid today’s most deadly diseases.

But there are several problems that accompany a “traditional” high fat keto diet:

  • You like to eat carbs?….You are out of ketosis.
  • Want to eat some healthy, ripe fruits that are in season?….You are out of ketosis.
  • Too much protein in that delicious steak or bacon you just ate?….You are out of ketosis.
  • Want to have a glass (or two) or red wine, a few beers, or cocktails? You guessed right….You are out of ketosis.

Permanent Ketosis is pretty difficult to follow long-term, which is exactly why there’s a new, upgraded version that produces rapid results in up to 30 days

It’s called Exogenous Ketones BHB Salts available on the market currently are most recommended and useful for Keto diet.

It all started by taking every morning a Ketones BHB Salts with an 8 oz. glass of water. And every evening, you take another pill with another 8 oz glass of water.

That’s it! Of course, fitness and exercises are always recommended on the Keto diet.

After just 30 days we started to see amazing results.

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