You’ve decided to give the ketogenic way of eating a try. Kudos to that.

In this article, we’ll talk about the 7 very first steps to converting from the standard American (Western) diet over to the healthy ancestrally appropriate ketogenic diet.

For those of you who are already familiar with the ketogenic way of eating this article will be a good repetition and consolidation of previously studied information.

So let’s go through the seven steps of starting the keto diet.

1. Remove all kinds of sugars from your diet

The sugar in your coffee, donuts or pastries, in juices and organic nectars or even honey, should be taken out of your ketogenic way of eating.

That’s honestly the most important step. Many people just by doing this step start feeling better immediately.

2. Remove all grains from your diet

The most common grains you should avoid on a ketogenic diet are:

  • wheat,
  • rice,
  • oats,
  • corn,
  • rye.

All those need to go away from your diet.

They are very inflammatory to your gut.

Some people have immediate obvious inflammation if they eat grains.

In order to be on a truly healthy ketogenic diet, you have to get rid of all the grains.

3. Remove all factory vegetable oils and trans fats from your diet

Get rid of industrial processed vegetable oils like:

  • canola oil, which comes from the rapeseed plant,
  • corn oil,
  • soybean oil,
  • safflower oil,
  • peanut oil

These oils are very inflammatory and have a terrible omega-6 to omega-3 ratio. They will inflame your gut or other parts of your body.

Also, trans fats like margarine and spreads need to go in the garbage.

4. Stop being afraid of good healthy fats

Keto diet nutrition

Good healthy fats include:

  • butter,
  • bacon grease,
  • beef,
  • tallow or lard,
  • fatty fish like
    • wild salmon,
    • tuna,
    • trout
    • shellfish
  • avocado oil,
  • olive oil,
  • coconut oil

You can actually make these oils on your own at home. They are much more ancestrally appropriate. Our ancestors have made oils from these sources for hundreds and even thousands of years.

5. Stop being afraid of salts

All mammals including human need salt in order to function properly.
There is a reason that animals will walk miles to lick on a salty rock. And that’s because all mammals need salt.

If you prick your finger and taste the blood it would be very salty and that’s ok, that’s normal. We are salty creatures.

The human appetite for salt is indeed an instinct ingrained through 30 million years of evolution, as the evidence suggests, nutritionists may have to rethink their strategies for persuading Americans to go easier on the salt shaker.

Source: The New York Times Archives

We want you to not just thoughtlessly the table salt that comes out the umbrella girl container. Don’t thoughtlessly use that they give you at the restaurant because they would buy the cheapest variety they can find.

Use a good quality rock salt, that’s been mined from deep under the ground. That’s the safest and it has the most minerals. You can also use high-quality Himalayan and sea salt.

6. Eat whole real foods

The ketogenic way of eating is becoming very popular and therefore people are starting to make so-called “keto products”: keto bars, keto shakes, keto powders, keto ready-made meals.

Try to eat whole real food that doesn’t have a “keto” label on it. If you buy a T-bone it’s just beef. There no other hidden additives.

7. Mind your electrolytes

Keto diet electrolytes

You have to make sure you’re getting plenty of sodium, magnesium, and potassium.

These minerals are very important. They are vital for your good health, to keeping you from having “keto flu”, and helping you feel your best.

Avocado, spinach, kale, seeds and nuts, fatty fish like salmon are the best sources of magnesium and potassium.

The Bottom Line

If you follow these steps you can make the ketogenic way of eating the healthiest easiest and most sustainable diet that you’ve ever eaten in your life.

It can become the permanent way of eating and you can reap all the health benefits from it.

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