With a competent approach, a ketogenic diet can yield fantastic results and scientifically proven health benefits. We are talking about the rapid burning of fat deposits, extreme performance, crystal clarity of mind and a lot of other health benefits, many of which scientists are just beginning to study under a microscope.

But it is also undeniable that with a ketogenic diet it is very easy to fail, perhaps, easier than with any other of diets. And the reason is not always hidden in the “overeating of carbohydrates.” One of the main keto mistakes, most don’t know is the replenishment of the body with a sufficient number of electrolytes: salts, potassium, magnesium.

Deficiency of electrolytes

Electrolytes are important on any diet, but for ketogenic they become absolutely critical. Moreover, we would say that electrolytes are the main reason for early fail on a ketogenic distance. If you do not have enough sodium (salt), magnesium and potassium, you will suffer from headaches, loss of strength, constipation, drowsiness and inhibition – in other words, all the symptoms of the so-called “keto-flu” – and eventually you will give up.

Sea Salt or Himalayan salt

Why is this happening? To begin with, insulin gives the kidneys an indication to keep sodium. When the secretion of insulin decreases, the kidneys begin to remove sodium from the body. It is crucial to replenish it by eating good unprocessed Sea Salt or Himalayan salt. We also recommend taking the Keto Salts additionally in the form of food additives.


Potassium is another important electrolyte; he is involved in all types of muscle contractions and in general, potassium is vital for all organs and tissues. To stock up with potassium, eat more green leafy vegetables and lean on the avocado. We recommend eating 1-2 whole avocados every day. These little fat bombs can be your best friends!


Finally, magnesium, which is involved in almost every biochemical reaction. Magnesium can be obtained from nuts and seeds, for example, from walnuts, almonds, pumpkin seeds, pecans or pistachios – all these products are in the keto menu. As well as Keto Salts, we recommend taking magnesium additionally in the form of food additives.

In the first week, many people report a headache, blurred vision, nausea, and exacerbation. Most of the time, this is the result of excretion of electrolytes, as ketosis has a diuretic effect. Make sure you drink plenty of water and keep the sodium intake.

For most, a temporary sense of anxiety is the greatest danger that you will come across. This is called “keto-flu” or period of adaptation.

Sodium and plenty of water will replenish your electrolytes and will help you easily go through the adaptation process so that you can enjoy all the benefits of ketogenic nutrition.

Build a great future, by starting on it today!

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